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Bhoomika & Kushal
16 January 2006
We would like to thank a lots for helping us find each other.

It all started in August, 2003 when I initiated a contact to Bhoomika. I am in U.S. and she's in India. I sent her a brief message and she responded back. We exchanged emails for few months to get to know each other. I was dying to hear her voice. Finally the day came and she provided me with her number (an expensive call as she's in India haha...) and I immediately called her w/o wasting any more seconds. She responded like a small kid in cute and sober voice.

After that we frequently kept in contact via emails and frequent phone calls. I liked her very much but wasn't able to tell her. In december she said you like me don't you and I said well...ya. I proposed her and she said yes. My parents went to India the following year and met herself- and her parents and e'thing worked out well.

Our engagement got fixed for December,2005. I went to India in December along with my parents. It was a great feeling to meet her after waiting for almost 2 and 1/2 years. It was the first time we had met. Well..and we got engaged on out pre-determined date and spend very good time together that would last in our memory forever. I am just waiting for a time when she will come to U.S. so we can get married.

Thank you for helping us find each other.

Wish you all the best and gr8 success!!!

With Love,

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